The Academy of Training for Security Officers & Private Investigators

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ATSPI’s Instructors are certified and licensed by the State of Alabama. 

ATSPI’s Instructors provide the training required by the State of Alabama Security Regulatory Board to qualify students to obtain license as a Security Officer.  ATSPI’s Certified Firearms Instructors provide required firearms training to qualify students to be licensed armed security officers.

ATSPI provides state mandated continuing education credit training for both security officer and private investigators to include firearms recertification and advanced firearms techniques.

ATSPI’s Instructors are former law enforcement professionals who provide training in all aspects of investigation both public and private.

Courses offered:

    Surveillance (electronic, physical and photographic)

    Executive protection

    Document searches

    Financial fraud

    Domestic relations

    Investigative methods

    Workplace violence


    Intelligence gathering


    Report Writing


Best business practices for owning/operating a security firm or private investigation business


Security Officer Training Courses:

* Security Officer Certification

* Security Officer Recertification

* Security Officer Firearms Certification

*Firearms (Recertification) Refresher Course

Click Here for a Full Listing of Security Officer Training Courses


Any individual seeking to obtain a license as a Contract Security Officer may obtain state required instruction through ATSPI.  ATSPI’s training has been approved by the State of Alabama for licensure.